Consider This: Taking Responsibility

What swirls in your thoughts? Are they full of passivity and indecision? Are you OK with that or are you yearning for something more? "I wish I had a life...that things were different...had some friends...could lose some weight...could have some fun...could be less angry...could be a better parent...could be a better partner...I want to be happy!"

When plagued with these thoughts, we often feel trapped and wait for something or someone to change. Consider stopping the wait. Consider taking responsibility for your own happiness. You have the power to confront yourself. Are you too afraid? Perhaps you feel safer not trying or blaming someone else...if you don't try, you can't fail. Perhaps you feel if you don't make a decision, then you can never be wrong.

Consider taking control today. Consider taking a baby step today. A baby step towards whatever that end goal is. Go for a walk...take a yoga class...get a new haircut...talk to your boss...join a social club...reconnect with an old friend.

Baby steps though small, lead to great things. Even the tiniest baby step is taking responsibility for your own life and happiness.

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